Anna's Snapchat

Anna's Snapchat
Happy Koala
Happy Koala 317 PLAYS
Spooky Cupcakes
Spooky Cupcakes 2 PLAYS
Happy Dog
Happy Dog 281 PLAYS
Princess Easter Hurly Burly
Princess Easter Hurly Burly 118 PLAYS
Princess Paris Trip
Princess Paris Trip 294 PLAYS
Tina - Airlines
Tina - Airlines 299 PLAYS
Potato Salad
Potato Salad 323 PLAYS
Game Description

Hi, Anna, I like Snapchat, it's so funny! I suggest you install it!', Elsa said. So, Anna installed the app, now she wants to take some photos. Firstly, pick a beautiful outfit. Open the wardrobe, choose the most fashion dress and match with gorgeous accessories. Now, take a photo and you can modify the photo by adding funny emoticons, hash tags and light filters. Oh, great! She looks so amazing! And then you can take more funny pictures with different masks, such as butterfly, sticking the tongue out or as a cat.