Doctor Games

You can witness the real life surgeries by playing Doctor Games. We update the latest surgery games for you. You can make a lot of new experiences in games such as Broken Arm Operation, Leg Operation, Aesthetic Operation, Anju Operation, Emergency Service, Heart surgery, Heart pili, Leg operation. Players who will play the Operation Game are those who are interested in medicine or nursing. You will see how the hospital is helping the patient and how the surgical supplies are used together with all the stages in the games. Have you ever wondered how open heart surgeries are? How is Yada practiced in various operations or operations? If you ask yourself these questions at least once, it will definitely show you these surgical games. You can usually intervene by playing these games with mause. You should treat your patients if you lose time by literally following the instructions that specialist doctors have shown you. You will be hospitalized from every age group and you will gain information through various operations. These games will also gain information to you at the same time. You will be able to see all the treatment methods in operation and practice. There are no images or explanations in our surgical games that will give rise to violence or fear. Completely cartoonized patients and surgeries and games are screened. Users of all age groups can easily play our surgical games. We wish good fun.